Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Face Recognition

I saw links to a program that matches your face to a database of celebrities and tells you who you most resemble on Megr's and Max's sites. You can try it for yourself here and you don't have to register, just close the first window and your matches will pop up behind it.

So here are my top 5 matches:
1. Selma Blair. I wish!
2. Kim Cattrall. Samantha? Hott.
3. Jason Alexander. WHAT??? I LOOK LIKE GEORGE CASTANZA??? Oh my freakin' GOD! Seriously, you guys, do I really resemble a female George and no one's had the heart to tell me?
4. Tara Reid. Great, now I look like a short, balding man AND a complete skank.
5. Helen Hunt. That's better.


Megr said...

That's great! I can see Helen Hunt. I did Nancy's picture and she got from Jamie Lynn Spears (aka Brit's sis) to Mariah Carey. I didn't tell her the Mariah part.

Eri said...

Mad about Eileenidise in the City,
a show about nothing.

eileen said...

heh. nice one, eri.