Thursday, February 09, 2006

The prettiest flower in the pond

Here's an article from the Washington Post about U.S. figure skating champion Johnny Weir, who said that after winning the Nationals in January, he felt like the "prettiest flower in the pond." I just so happened to be watching TV when he won the nationals, and although I mocked his choice of outfit, I was impressed by his skating and look forward to seeing him in the Olympics. Even in men's figure skating circles, Weir is considered a flamboyant eccentric. It's an interesting article, and I was impressed by the overt support Weir has received from his parents, a high school football player and a cheerleader from rural Pennsylvania. Here's how the article ends:

"My child's not weird," he (Weir's father) told a reporter when queried about Johnny's reputation. "Everyone else is."

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Eri said...

Yeah Johnny! Wear your red glove and play that synthesizer! Oh wait, that's Ford.