Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weekend Update

Friday- Went on a date, which I'm torn about writing about on the blog. I want to write about it, because hey, it's not like I'm ever discreet or private about anything, and it could provide entertainment for the rest of you, in a Dating Adventures of a Girl Who Never Goes On Dates (Except For That Time Her Older Sister Set Her Up With An Extremely Religious Nerd Who Kept Telling Anecdotes About The Family Priest and Needless To Say It Didn't Go Well) and Therefore Doesn't Know How To Act sort of way, but I'm paranoid that somehow the date (we'll call him Bim) will stumble across this blog and be weirded out by it. So if you're reading this, Bim, now you know that I have a blog and wrote about you, but it also means that you, along with William Hung, are stalking me over the internet, so let's just never mention it, mmmkay? Anyways, we went out and got pizza at Santarpio's, a well known traditional Italian place in East Boston where the only items on the menu are pizza and shish kebabs that they grill over hot coals behind the bar, and there's always a line outside the door, even in the winter, because the pizza is THAT good. After that, we went out to a bar in my neighborhood, and as we were leaving, I turned on my phone to check my messages (I figured that leaving it off was probably appropriate date protocol) and had three drunken voice mails from an old friend who was out at Murphy's Law, possibly the shadiest late-night bar in Southie. We went, and Bim was a good sport about it, even while being inappropriately grilled by my drunk loudmouth friend.

Saturday- Went in to work, went to the gym, shopped at Filene's (which is tragically going out of business), and nearly fainted in the Dowtown Crossing T stop. I should mention the fact that I am a frequent fainter, so nothing too unusual about that, and I managed to control it before I blacked out and hit the floor. I think it was a combination of the fact that I hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was 6PM (you know those people who say things like "Oh, I was so busy that I forgot to eat!" well, I am NOT one of those people. I get lightheaded and cranky if I go more than a few hours without food), and I was all bundled up in my winter gear and it was really warm and crowded on the platform and I felt hot and stuffy and claustrophobic, and I was reading a particular gory scene in Red Dragon, the first book in the Hannibal Lecter series. I started feeling nauseous and fainty, and my hearing was getting all muffled (the first sign of an upcoming fainting spell) and my vision was starting to blacken. I slumped against a pole and luckily a train pulled up and I managed to get on it and get a seat and put my head down until I felt better. I was very glad not to have collapsed because:
A. The thought of lying on the floor in Downtown Crossing T Station disgusts me, and
B. Considering I was dressed in gym clothes and a big puffy parka, people might have assumed I was a passed-out bum and not tried to help me.

I felt better later on and really was in the mood to go out for some reason, and I was starting to get depressed about the fact that a lot of my friends have moved to the suburbs or would prefer to stay in and do couple-y things rather than go get drunk at a bar with, say, me. Luckily, my friend Nikki called me up to say that she and her roommates were going out in Cambridge. I met them there, and we ended up at Redline and had a great time, drinking and dancing to some old-school classics like Poison and The Right Stuff. I even bumped into a cousin of mine who lives in London but was in town for a wedding, and it was almost like seeing a ghost, because I was staring at him, thinking that it couldn't be him because he lives in London, until he walked up to me and said "It's me, Matt!" and then I stuck my hand through him. Okay, that last part is a lie.

Sunday- Snow day! Here's a view of my street- I love the city during a big snowstorm. I slept in, and lounged around in my pajamas all day reading Red Dragon, only venturing out once to buy Diet Coke and Gatordae at the convenience store next door. I did walk a few blocks to have dinner at Maria's boyfriend's house.

Wow, this was a long post.


Date critic said...

Oh no Eileen! You were out on a date and chose to check your messages and then dragged your date to meet another friend who was drunk!?! That's the kiss of death for dates. First, the guy probably thinks you set up the call to get out of the date. Second, even if he thinks it was a sincere improvisation, he doesn't want to be grilled by a drunken friend!

If this guy calls you, hold on to him - he must be very understanding.

BTW, you didn't discuss the end of the date. Did he walk you home? Any smooch?

eileen said...

See! I told you I don't know how to act on dates! As for the end of the date...yes and yes.

Bim said...

Great, now you're disclosing that we smooched?

eileen said...

Me and my big mouth. Now Bim's never going to call me.

bim said...

No - I am done with you, but that gym nemesis sounds very cool. Can I have his digits?