Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State of the Apartment

It has been an astounding year for the apartment. We began with domestic reform, starting with the living room and Eileen's bedroom, and extending to the replacement of the kitchen chairs. The apartment is working hard in hopes of one day attaining the goal of actually purchasing new furniture from a store. Over the past year, the apartment has faced the threat of terrorism, primarily of the murine persuasion. We overcame this threat with the help of a feline ally. However, like our predecessors, the apartment learned that the enemy of its enemy is not necessarily its friend, and after accusations of torture and acts of urinary sabotage, our former ally was deported. The apartment also managed to overcome evildoers who sought to sully its reputation for their own financial gain. New alliances were formed, and the apartment benefited from the free trade agreement with the Irish neighbors, which resulted in the acquisition of kitchen chairs, lamps, and assorted articles of clothing at the small cost of a donkey costume and occasional leftovers. The economy has struggled, but the apartment has taken steps to curtail the rising debt. The apartment continues to work towards a brighter future, a future devoid of debt, a future decorated by Pottery Barn or at least Crate and Barrel and Target, and a future that comforts residents and entertains guests. You ask what is the state of the apartment, and I will answer: The state of the apartment is that it is strong, and it will prevail!

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