Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Recap

Friday: Went out to dinner with friends at South Kitchen and Wine Bar, the new(ish) trendy restaurant in South Boston. It was fun, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been fighting off a cold. After dinner, we stopped pretending to be sophisticated and went to Tom English's Cottage (no relation to celebrity restaurantier Todd English, unless he has a sketchy little brother who runs the bar across the street from my apartment), where we drank pitchers of beer, played the jukebox, and watched the Olympics on TV. The highlight may have been watching the women's snowboard cross with The Final Countdown playing in the background. Not sure if anyone else caught the final, but American Lindsey Jacobellis had a strong lead and was on her way to winning the gold medal, when, on the very last jump, she tried to do a trick and totally biffed it, allowing Tanja Frieden of Switzerland to pass her for the gold. Serves Lindsey right for being a big show-off.

Saturday: Still fighting off a cold, I lounged around on the couch most of the day. I watched Fever Pitch and enjoyed it, even though the movie wasn't very good. Jimmy Fallon was terrible; the role would have been perfect for Adam Sandler, who was fabulous with Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer. There were too many unfunny gags, many of which involving physical comedy (girl falls off climbing wall, etc.), that were obviously scripted in to get a laugh and end up failing miserably. The only two believable characters in the movie were the two rowdy female fans who sit near Jimmy Fallon at Fenway. So, why did I like it? It was fun to see all of the Boston scenery- hey, I've been there!- like Bill's Bar and Sonsie, and of course, all of the Red Sox stuff. I was actually at the game where they filmed the scene in which Drew Barrymore runs across the field at Fenway (they asked everyone to stay after the game ended and cheer while they filmed the scene), so it was neat to see that, and, along with the rest of Boston, I was at the parade, footage of which is shown while the credits are rolling.
Despite my cold, I played soccer on Saturday night because it was the first game of the season, and I'm the captain, so I had to show up to meet with the leauge coordinator to sign the roster and pay. We didn't have any subs, so I ended up playing the whole game, but we played well and the other team stunk, so we won easily. After that, I went out, and ended up doing shots and playing Keno at a tiny little dive bar in my neighborhood. And I wonder why I'm still sick...

Sunday: I spent the day lounging and movie watching (Lucas...depressing how low Corey Haim has sunk), then cooked dinner for three friends.

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