Friday, February 17, 2006

You'll never look at a hot air balloon the same way

My sister Eri was looking into hot air balloon rides in the San Diego area and stumbled across this company's "Special Rides"
Scroll down a bit until you get to Mile High:

For those who belong to or have ever wanted to join the "Mile High" club, we offer a flight in a private balloon at a mile high (5280 feet). This is the ultimate ecstasy. We offer comfort and discretion. This flight is honored with "mile high" pins for him and her. Call today to reserve because this flight take considerable scheduling considerations.

Um, ew! Comfort and discretion? What about the hot air balloon opeator? Does he just turn the other way? Or does he climb out of the basket on a rope ladder? And who would
A. actually do this?
B. and then wear their "mile high" commemorative pins?

I'm disturbed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well not only did you chat up a balloon pilot but your posts caught the eye of another overseas.

Must be a very dodgy lot.

I hope you don't mind but you made our news feed.