Thursday, February 02, 2006

List #20...Top 10 bands from Boston

10. tie: New Edition/NKOTB (Thank Boston for introducing the world to boy bands and Bobby Brown )
9. The Lemonheads (Evan Dando is like, sooo cute)
8. Mighty Mighty Bosstones (ska is so 1997 but these guys did it best)
7. The Breeders
6. Buffalo Tom
5. Boston (cheesy classic rock guitar riff goodness)
4. J. Geils Band (if only for the live version of Musta Got Lost)
3. Dresden Dolls (punk cabaret rocks so hard)
2. The Pixies
1. Aerosmith


El Guapo said...

What about House of Pain? THey came to get down!

eileen said...

Good one- I haven't thought about that song in ages.

Kevin said...

Oh man, how could you forget about House of Pain!! I did that on karaoke only 2 weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

house of pain is from NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that 'the Cars' or not on the list. What's up with that???