Thursday, February 23, 2006

Today must be a cold day in hell

After a several year stretch of successfully avoiding the Non-Shoe Sports (see list #22), I am going ice skaing tonight after work with my coworkers. This is a big step for me. My aversion to the Non-Shoe Sports runs deep and has a long history. Why do I hate them so much? Mostly because I'm terrible at them. Flimsy ankles and a poor sense of balance do not a graceful skiier/snowboarder/rollerblader make. When I was a kid, roller skating birthday parties were my own personal nightmare. I was always the only kid who couldn't skate, so I'd hide out in the corner, and someone would always insist that they could teach me and end up failing miserably. I couldn't even stay up long enough to hokey-pokey. Skiing is even worse, because it's cold and it's fucking expensive. Not only can I not stay on my own two feet, I have a tendency to cause tremendous crashes, whether careening into the popcorn stand at Roller Kingdom or knocking down an entire line of people waiting to board the ski lift. Not fun. Wish me, and more importantly, my coworkers luck tonight, because I told them if I severely injure myself or anyone else, I'll never forgive them for talking me into going.

Addendum: Due to inclement weather conditions, we abandoned the ice skating plans and went to Matt Murphy's instead. I was very happy with the decision.

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