Thursday, February 23, 2006

New blog

My friend Meghan just started up her own blog, A Wink and a Nudge and a Just Kidding
Yay! Another thing for me to look at instead of doing actual work!

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MJ's Mom said...

Eileen, Hola, chica! I posted on your blog and on your friend's blog several times. The first post is at the car commercial.....I don't LIKE being frightened!!!! I posted the next two video posts she had and then, finally, I posted my explosive diarrhea story:

My dog (OK, Carmen's dog who lives in my house) had explosive diarrhea when he was a puppy. I took him to the vet and the vet said that sometimes feeding your dog puppy chow can have that effect on dogs since it is high in fat (how strange, after eating this same food for 6 months with no effects, suddenly it is bad for him?). OK, so I change his food from the pick-up-a-bag-at-the-grocery-store to the very expensive, sold-only-in-pet-stores, Science Diet. So 10 years and much money later I am talking to my neighbor and he says, "Oh, I remember Leo, he used to come over when he was a puppy and we would feed him pork chop bones." AAAAACCCCKKKK, mystery solved!!!! You mean I didn't have to buy my dog expensive food for the last 10 years????