Thursday, February 23, 2006

List #22...Non-Shoe Sports

The following sports involve wearing something on your feet or standing on something that is not a shoe or a cleat, and have thereby been categorized by yours truly as Non-Shoe Sports. As a rule, I hate them and will avoid participating in Non-Shoe Sports at all costs.

1. Skiing
2. Snowboarding
3. Ice skating
4. Rollerskating
5. Rollerblading
6. Skateboarding
7. Surfing
8. Waterskiing


brigita said...

Major dittoes all around. I would add snorkeling and scuba to my list, even though it's less about the flippers and more about my irrational fear of sea creatures (even in relatively shallow water).

We might be moderately lame (especially in the eyes of Northern types), but are more financially secure for it. :)

eileen said...

I am okay with snorkeling but anti-scuba. Something about having to carry around a portable tank of oxygen in order to breathe freaks me out.