Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Exchange of the day

Ern, Maria, and I went out last night to the Playwright, played trivia, and met some interesting gentlemen. One took a shine to Ern, leading to the following exchange:

guy: What's your name?
Ern: Erin.
guy: Like Aryan Brotherhood?
Ern: No, not Aryan, Ern!
guy: Oh, I was going to ask if you have a spiderweb tattoo on your elbow.

Seriously, folks, who hasn't heard of the name Erin? Especially in South Boston, where approximately one out of ever four girls is named Erin.


Kevin said...

You learn something new every day on DCoE! I saw a guy with that tattoo the other day. I thought it was odd but didn't realize it had any specific meaning. It appears it has a few different meanings, which sort of confuses things:

eileen said...

Huh. My favorite comment on that site was "it means that either you've annihilated something, or you love spiders."

aryan said...

eileen, you were the one that corrected him. i was happy to let him think my name was aryan, just as i was happy when he got distracted by a shiny object and went away.

eileen said...

You're right, it was me. I couldn't handle the preposterousness of confusing the name Erin for the not-a-name Aryan. Too bad the word conjures up images of racist skinheads, because it might make a pretty name, like Arielle.