Friday, August 25, 2006

On Notice

All of my most abhored things, watch your collective back. You're On Notice!

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Anonymous said...

Monkeys on tv? Have you gone mad?

gym nemesis said...

Why Michael Douglas? Streets of SF, Traffic, Wall Street, Romancing the Stone etc.

Mrs. V said...

Oh, how is your plantar fasciitis? Do you wear those boots to sleep? I bought new tennis shoes and now my feet don't hurt when I get up from sitting a while. I got a pair of Ryka and a pair of New Balance from Payless Shoe Source (I think). What size are you, maybe I can get you a pair, they were on sale "buy one get one 1/2 off"? I was thinking on getting some more pair to save for next year...or whenever these lose their cushion.
e-mail me

eileen said...

Hey mrs. v! My plantar fasciitis is getting much better but still not back to 100%. I wear New Balance, too. I'll email you :)

also..monkeys are filthy little creatures who haven't been funny on television since the 1970s, and Michael Douglas is old, doughy, and I've never understood how he landed such a gorgeous wife and why he was always cast opposite hot women half his age (except for in romancing the stone).