Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oh internet, I bow down in amazement to your powers

A couple of weeks ago the authors of Go Fug Yourself mentioned the fact that Courtney Cox was once the cover model on a pre-teen girly fiction novel during the 1980s. Lo and behold, one of their readers located the actual book, The Last Word.

Then, Sarah from Que Sera Sera drops some heavy allusions to the pinnacle of the pre-teen girly novel series, The Baby-sitters Club, into one of her posts. Yes, in addition to reading Roald Dahl and The Pushcart War, in my younger days I also pulled The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High off the shelves of the library's Young Adult section.

I started reminiscing about the babysitting adventures of Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, and the diabetic one, and I suddenly recalled the fact that my best friend Kim, who modeled as a child, once appeared on the box of a Baby-Sitters Club board game. And I bet you all can guess what happened, it had nothing to do with a pterodactyl, guess again....yes, I found the game:

The green arrow is pointing to Kim. Such is the power of the internet.


Kim said...

Though i'm still wondering why they dressed me in two shades of purple, at least my outfit was better than Courtney Cox's on that book cover!

Mike said...

Sure.... "They" dressed you in two shades of purple.

"I believe you"...

eileen said...

at least it wasn't a pastel striped blazer :)