Monday, August 21, 2006


FOUND is a magazine that compiles accidentally discovered items, such as notes and pictures tucked into library books. The FOUND website features a Found Item of the day, like this confession note. We had our own find of the day yesterday, when my cousin found a folded up sheet of paper tucked in the corner of the reception room at Anthony's Pier 4. It was someone's (the bride's?) typewritten toast from a rehearsal dinner. My scanner is broken, so I'll just transcribe it here:

Thank you all for coming we are so honored that you are here to join us.

Sharon and Jimmy- I wanted to say a special thank you for everything-this is such a memorable night! Everything looks fabulous and your support this year and always has been incredible.

And I just have a little something for you, Matthew.

Six years ago today, a college sophomore left the golden state
He got to Emory and began to date the girl who tomorrow will become his mate

Now six wonderful years have past
With countless memories that will surely last

We now have a cozy one bedroom on the Upper East Side
With a flat screen television and a tv guide

We have a great time in New York City
Except for no Lakers, Raiders, and Dodgers- what a pity!

I know you are filled with California dreams
I present you this grooms cake to honor your favorite sports teams.

Okay, I realize that I am a bad person for making fun of some happy bride's attempt at poetry, but some of those rhymes were PAINFUL! Upper East Side, tv guide? New York City, what a pity? My cousins and I were cracking up. Note to self: in the future, when making a toast, avoid the temptation to use rhyming couplets.


Tricia said...

Thanks; there goes my rehearsal dinner toast. I was hoping to rhyme "Seattle" with "I hope you don't skedattle" ( no idea how to spell the last or if it's even a real word...).

eileen said...


I hope you have a great wedding in Seattle,
And you never end up herding cattle.

Tricia said...

Actual, the wedding will be in the South
In Virginia by the Potomic River Mouth
It will probably be quite warm
I just hope Dad's bees don't swarm
While I'll be sweatin' in a white gown
I hope you have a cool time in Bean Town

eileen said...

tricia, best wishes for your wedding day
i don't have anything left to say
no more rhyming, and i mean it!
anybody want a peanut?