Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Federer watch

Readers of this blog may be aware of my obsession with Roger Federer...apparently I'm not the only one dazzled by his play. Here's a lengthy article from the New York Times about the best (and best looking) tennis player in the world, Federer as a Religious Experience. He's also one of ESPN.com's eight reasons to watch the U.S. Open:

We've said it before and we'll say it again: You don't need an oversize racket in your closet to appreciate Roger Federer, any more than you need an art history degree to appreciate the Sistine Chapel. Like Tiger Woods -- the athlete he's most often compared to -- the Swiss star plays an aesthetically pleasing game that can be enjoyed by anyone with a passing interest in athletics; if Federer were a Radiohead album, he'd be "The Bends," not "Kid A."

and here's a gratuitous photo:

"Hey, Roger, that white blazer would look great on my bedroom floor."

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Tina Federer said...

I mean, sure, if you like the scrunch up face, bad sense of style, floppy hair and a tacky gold accessory, I would think Fuglier is hot too. It's all about Nadal, bitches!!! I kid. I kid. Federer rocks my world. He's Swiss, I am in Switzerland--it's a match made in heaven. Pun entirely intended.