Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Shameless plug for my friend's band

Last night, I went to see the fabulous Muy Cansado at Bill's Bar. I ended up going by myself, which wasn't a big deal because I knew some people who were going to be there, but considering that the people I knew were the three younger siblings of my friend from the band, the rock star MULVEY,(who is also younger than me), I was definitely the geeky old person at a rock show. The youngest of the clan had my older sister as a teacher in high school, so she introduced me to her friends as "Ms. Dunne's sister."

Anyways, Muy Cansado is really good and you should check them out if you get a chance.


Eri said...

No Mulvey plug? You have to at least push the fact that Mulvey is in the band (and that the drummer quite bizzare). Glad they sounded good.

eileen said...

All right, Mulvey has been named and the situation rectified. Chris Mulvey is a star! And the bizzare drummer's parents were at the show last night.