Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm secretly a fan of...

Joan Rivers. She's tacky and ridiculous and oh so hilarious. Don't believe me? Check out this clip of her presenting at an awards ceremony in Australia. My favorite part is when she tosses the award statue over her shoulder.


Tina said...

I have to be honest with you, I never thought I could loose my respect for somebody over seven words...but there you have it. My respect for you went down just a tad bit. I respected you when you voiced your opinion over your (strong) distaste for Death Cab (one of my fave bands) but Joan Rivers?!? She is just the most obnoxious peice of trash to be put on screen. Her and Gilbert Gottfried. Why do they still exist?

eileen said...

Did you watch the video, at least?

I also find Richard Simmons incredibly sexy. (kidding!)

tara d. said...

yeah, blog! hi dunn!

ooh, you came out! you know what? joan rivers is my constant story when i teach improv/was taught improv when i moved here. she is an alum of the second city where i perform, and she has lots of bad stories.

a really important rule of improv (this could be boring, so i'll summarize) is always saying yes to your partner. it's taught in elementary levels - it just makes scenes go farther and makes your partner feel supported. one time, j rivs stepped onstage with belushi or someone - maybe avery schreiber, and he said "honey, we have to get a divorce". her response: "but we were never married". got a laugh, but her cast hated her, because she always denied what they said and made them feel like dummies.

looks like ol' rivski is still doing denial comedy. it's so bizarre to make a living off saying no. it is sorta funny, and she's worth liking for the camp - but there's a reason she's a one-woman machine.

***the more you know***

eileen said...

Hi TD!'s so interesting to get the perspective from someone who knows the bis. Do you have to swear us all to secrecy now? Anyways, I can see why she would be a pain in the ass to work with if you never know if she's going to go with the flow or ix-nay you. very interesting comedian/enne trade secrets!

p.s. Since I read the term "dong" in your snakes on a plane review, I've been using it in conversation on a daily basis. It's like I can't help myself- the word makes me laugh so hard. Why must have you opened this Pandora's box?