Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weekend Report

Friday- Went out drinking at the local Southie bars with my sister Eri and friends- Yay! Ran into an ex- Boo! At least I didn't have a gigantic zit on my chin. Oh wait, I did had a gigantic zit on my chin. Double boo! Had fun anyways- Yay!


Eri and I ate lunch at New Ginza in Watertown. The sushi was excellent- my favorite roll had sweet potato tempura in the middle and fresh crabmeat on top. After lunch, we went to my grandparents' house and hung out with the family for a bit. That night, Eri, Jen, Mike, and I went to the Patriots preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals. We tailgated, we cheered, we mocked Kurt Warner "I don't care if he used to work in a grocery store, I hate him!" and Matt Leinhart "How's Paris? Hope you didn't catch any STDs!", and the Patriots won soundly. Eri purchased a throwback "Squish the Fish" t-shirt at the Pro Shop, which quickly became a crowd pleaser among the Pats fans in our section. Some drunk, obnoxious middle-aged dude was sitting right behind us, in addition to leering at all the girls in the section, he started loudly complaining about Corey Dillon (I frickin hate fans that heckle guys on the team that they're supposedly supporting. And seriously, Corey Dillon? Dude's a big, bad NFL running back. Hey mister, why don't you go tell him he's over the hill to his face, and then see what happens.) I was contemplating turning around and telling him to STFU, but he distracted me by spontaneously bursting into song. The tune? Afternoon Delight. Which we had been inexplicably singing in the car ride down. Sky rockets in flight...

Sunday- The big 60th anniversary party for my grandparents. First, there was a special mass at St. Jude's church in Waltham, and the reception was held at Anthony's Pier 4 in Boston...yes, the same Anthony's Pier 4 that the Boston teenagers went to in a Saturday Night Live skit. The party was great: several of my grandparents friends were in attendance, including college classmates of my grandmother's and my grandfather's best friend, as well as all sorts of family, including three cousins from Ireland. Guests brought old photos and shared funny stories. I spoke about the time I went to Ireland with my grandparents when I was 12 years old and my grandfather ran over my foot with the rental car. My sister Kerry estimated that my grandparents have eaten breakfast at Friendly's 200 times, and have stolen approximately 5000 packets of jam in the process. For dessert, we ate a strawberry and vanilla ice cream cake on a graham cracker crust with real whipped cream on top. Although I had to pop 15 Lactaid pills, it was the most delicious thing I've eaten in years and was worth the risk. Here's a family photo from the party:

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