Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just wondering

Did you ever have a sex dream about someone completely random who you've never consciously been attracted to, like someone from work, and then the next day you run into them and are completely mortified and paranoid that somehow they'll be able to tell that you had a sex dream about them, and your worrying about their possible mind-reading capabilities makes you act all strange and awkward?

No? Me neither. I was just wondering.


Rob said...

You work with Phil? I had no idea!

eileen said...

I know! Dinner's going to be so awkward tonight when i describe the shower scene.

um, just kidding. it wasn't phil. it was a nerdy grad student.

Rob said...

Ahhhh ... Mike. Gotcha!

brigita said...

I hate those dreams, because you can never look at the person the same again. Worst.