Friday, August 11, 2006

Scientists gone wild

During college, several fellow biology majors and I formed a co-ed soccer team named Biohazard. Last night, four of us got together at The Sevens to share some food, drinks, and memories. It's funny to think that almost everyone who played on that team is now an M.D., a Ph.D. (or in the process), or went for the double whammy, the M.D./Ph.D. Justin thinks I should start a website called and post embarrassing photos from our old soccer parties. See that guy wearing a sundress and a bonnet drinking beer out of a scuba fin? He's performing your hip replacement surgery next week! Such a website might be a little too career-damaging for my tastes, so instead I'll post a photo from last night of Toshi, Jroo, Pags, and me:


big al said...

what a distinguished group of young professionals!

two questions though- why is eileen the only one with a beer and which bionerd is responsible for bringing a two-inch thick book to a bar?!?!

ps- i'm glad you're not following thorough on jroo's website idea- what would the birds think of me?

eileen said...

what's up, legs! To answer your questions, we each drank two beers, and when the waitress came over and asked if we wanted another one, I said "yes" (obviously) and the guys all said "no thanks," totally leaving me hanging. Dude! When someone makes the executive decision, you're supposed to follow suit.

Oh, the birds would indeed be shocked at the past escapades of their new orintholigist.

p.s. the ginormous book is mine. d'oh!

p.p.s. Justin googles himself.

therese said...

Hey Eileen-
Yeah, I check in on you every once in a while. It is good to see the old 'hazard crew is still getting together. I heard rumors of Toshi in Boston. Like Big Al, I immediately noticed the giant book, but somehow the lack of drinking skills amongst the males escaped my attention. I've often thought about posting the dirt on doctors, given the college crowd and all my family but me has gone the medical school route. I think it might be a good thing. Most of the doctors I've had seem like evil robots and it would be kind of cool to know that one of them was human enough to down a forty after a lovely afternoon of drinking with construction workers.

Toshi said...

So this is how you all keep in touch with each other...

First of all, congrats to Ms Legs on her engagement.

Also very nice to hear from Therese although I don't know why her web link is to some burrito site.

In my defense, I was prepared to order more beer, following Eileen's lead, but JRoo and Dave Pags wanted to go home and play Scrabble with each other.

So when are you all coming to Boston?

Anonymous said...

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