Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another quiz: How well do you know your hair bands?

Name that hair-metal band! I only got about half right, but did thoroughly enjoy the pictures.


Rob said...

Wow. I got them ALL right. I wasn't even into hair bands!

Of course, you always know not to choose 'Def Leppard' as any of the answers by simply counting the number of arms you see in the picture, and dividing by two. Whole numbers != Def Leppard.

Too soon?

eileen said...

I LOVED hair bands (okay, I still love them), so I have no excuse for my poor performance.

Remember when the Def Leppard drummer got arrested for beating his wife? One of my friends and I used to joke that it was because she called him "Lefty."

See you in hell, Rob.