Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend Report

Friday- After work, a bunch of coworkers and I headed to Charlie's Kitchen to drink some beers and watch the Sox game. The highlight of the evening was a whoopie cushion that my cousin Myles acquired it at Boston Bowl last weekend. I brought it to work on Friday, and after a couple of failed prank attempts in the lab, we decided to take it out with us. We tried to get a couple of strangers on the #1 bus by hiding the whoopie cushion underneath a copy of the Metro on an empty seat, but both potential victims lifted up the paper before sitting down. A new, improve strategy was formed and employed at Charlie's Kitchen. Instead of hiding the whoopie cushion, it is far more effective to simply slide it under someone's butt right as they are sitting down. We got each other basically every time someone stood up to go to the bathroom (one would think that everyone would be on high alert, but the beers and the game were distracting enough to forget about the whoopie cushion entirely until...PHHBBBBTT!), and then we started playing the joke on people at other tables. Luckily, everyone laughed and no one got beat up. After that, I stopped by to watch a friend's band play at Tommy Doyle's, and then headed home for the night.

Saturday- After a busy day of work, draft watching, and soccer, I went to Latin Night at the Roxy with Lisa, Maria, and Liz. It was quite an experience, right from the start: we got fully frisked by security as we walked in. The drinks were really expensive, but good, and the crowd was very Latin. Suit jackets, gold chains, and the occasional pair of white leather loafers on the men, and as for the girls, mini shorts are the new mini skirt. The music was a mix of salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and bachata. Judging by the amount of bachata, there were a lot of Dominicans in the crowd. No Manny or Papi, though. We all danced with very short men, and it was nice change of pace to do something other than drink at an Irish pub in Southie.

Sunday- I decided that my wardrobe needed some updating, and since I'm on a grad school budget, that means one thing: Old Navy. I bought a ton of stuff there and picked up a few more items at Filene's Basement in Framingham. Back at home, I decided that it is time for the seasonal switch- I packed away most of my heavy sweaters and winter clothes, and unpacked the skirts and tank tops. Hey, I'm an optimist. Do you know what else I'm optimistic about? Randy Moss on the Patriots!
Oh, and my interview with Tom is complete.

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