Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Slow week

Not much to post about this week- I've been busy preparing for a thesis committee meeting next week, and I really haven't done anything worth writing about, nor have I heard of any new interspecies friendships. Looks like the Nor'Easter is finally blowing its way out of town. Strong winds leading to strange occurrences seems to be a common theme in movies - The Good Girl, Volver, and The Holiday (not that I watched it three times last week or anything, no, that's impossible.) - so I was wondering if these winds of change (cue the Scorpions!) would bring some excitement my way, but alas, they only resulted in rattling windows and a shaking house.


Frances said...

It is so blamed windy here today! Even my CLASSROOM windows are rattling!

ern said...

our house, btw, also shakes when trucks rumble past. or buses. or minivans. even the odd scooter. just another bonus to living in an f-ing tenement.

eileen said...

Hey, at least our apartment isn't infested by ants.

Oh wait, it is? Shit.