Monday, April 30, 2007

More interviews

Check out Mrs. V's answers to my questions. I love all the insider info about the CDC.

And just because I don't have anything interesting to post, here are some questions for you all to answer in the comments, if you so desire:

1. Would you rather be a giant or a midget?

2. What is the best vacation you ever took?

3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

4. If you could choose a different time (you know, like the renaissance, or the 1980's) in which to live, what would you choose?

5. Have you ever been arrested?


Patrick said...

I would much rather be a giant. In a world of giants and midgets, I don't think the midgets would do to well...
Best vacation was 9 weeks in East and Southern Africa. Saw a leopard kill a wildebeest and sandboarding on the same trip. I think that sums it up.
I wanted to be an astrophysicist. I didn't think the money would be there, though. I also wasn't smart enough, sadly.
Definitely would have wanted to live during medieval times. Armor, wool, meade and whole roasted chickens. Or at least that is what dinner at Medieval Times has taught me.
Never been arrested, but have had my mug shot taken. One of the perks of being the soon of a police officer. The mug shot was actually my passport photo.

jay said...

Definately would rather be a giant. finding clothes might be tough, but being able to dunk would make it worth it.
Best vacation would have to be the one i'm going on next week, just cuz its next week and i really need a vacation :)
When i was a kid, i totally wanted to be a radio dj. as it turns out, i dont have a rhyming kinda name (i.e. artie the one man party) and i'm not nearly wacky enough.
I think I'd choose to live now though. i dont think i could have lived without the internet...
and yes, i have been arrested. did my time in the clink, busted by the framingham cops. two long boring hours waiting to be let go...

Maria said...

1. Midget
I would live in a miniature size house with all sorts of miniaturized appliances, furniture, etc. I would shop for clothes at The Children's Place, Gap Kids, and Limited 2. I would get a large dog and ride around on it like a horse.

2. Best Vacation
Definitely O'ahu in O'ahu, Hawaii for New Years in '02.

3. Age 5: I wanted to direct traffic when I grew up.
Age 13: I wanted to be President.
Age 30: I don't want to do anything, well, that's not true, maybe live in Hawaii and paint.

4. I would live in the 1950s as a teenager and drive around in cool cars and go to the malt shop, and Sock-hops, and watch movies at the drive-in.

5. Not yet.

eileen said...

I loved reading the all the answers. C'mon, anyone else want to play?

Here are mine:

1. Midget, for two reasons. Longer lifespan (giants' hearts give out) and the plethora of available film and television roles. Think of the disparity- The Princess Bride is like the only movie to feature a giant, whereas midgets pop up everywhere.

2. Same as Maria- Oahu, Hawaii, New Year's 02. In addition to being a tropical paradise, it was my first vacation after Peace Corps and I got to spend it with college friends, many of whom I hadn't seen in years.

3. School bus driver. My elementary school bus driver was THE SHIT and I wanted to be like him. He wore a different hat every day (excpet when the Celtics were in the playoffs, on which occasion he wore a Celtics hat) and had a belt buckle that was a giant silver bus.

4. I would have liked to have been in my teens/twenties during the 1960's- it would have been awesome to be part of the civil rights movement. Plus, all the grooviness.

5. No. A few close calls, but thus far I have managed to evade the long arm of the law.

briana said...

1. I'd be a giant and use my size to become famous in professional sports or in some athelitic endeavor... like maybe the caber toss.

2. Best vacation ever - tough one. I've had more trips and travels than actual vacations... Probably the Jersey shore with my cousins when we were 12; the boardwalk arcade was never more fun.

3. In sixth grade, I wrote in my elementary school yearbook that I wanted to be a pro soccer player or a vet.

4. Different time - the new world, pre-conquest. I'd want to be in the Framingham area as a Nobscot.

5. No interesting arrest stories.