Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday night on the Monster

First off, happy 30th birthday to my BFF, Kim!

and happy 5th anniversary to my sister Kerry and BIL Adam!

Last night, I watched the Sox defeat the Los Angeles Angels 10-1. The game started off slow, until Doug Mirabelli hit a home run in the 5th inning, opening up the flood gates. I like to think that I played some small part in this turn of events, because everyone in our section was bitching about how bad Mirabelli sucks, and I yelled something silly like "Don't listen to them, Doug. I believe in you! Hit a home run right to me!" Next swing- bam! Home Run!- although, not to me.

We had standing room only tickets for the Monster, and when we asked an usher where the good spots were, he told us that they sometimes leave the gates to the handicapped section open. I asked "Does that mean we can sit there if the seats are empty?" He replied "As an usher, I can't really give you permission to sit there," wink wink, nudge nudge. I said, "Well, what if we sit there, and if anyone comes and asks us to move, we'll move." The usher gave us the OK. Kim and I sat down, and eventually the other seats filled up with our standing-room-only brethren. In the sixth inning, a different usher and a cop came over and demanded that we show them our handicapped tickets. So we moved, only to have our seats taken by three young guys, who were clearly not handicapped. Minutes later, we overheard the cop telling the usher that the guys were his son and two friends. Seat stealing nepotists! Oh, the injustice! We concocted various methods of revenge, like, hey, let's call Fox 25 Undercover, and they can do a spot on non-handicapped people who use a cop to kick out other non-handicapped people (who were there first) from the handicapped section at Fenway Park. Um, maybe not. We opted instead to give them the stinkeye and then take a photo of me giving them the finger behind their backs, because we're mature like that.

Anyways, despite the cold and the seat thieves, the game was a blast! Here are some photos of Kim, Mike, Jason, and me:

Here are the seat stealers (Grrrrr...):

And here's a random picture of a dude who looked like a girl from the back (look at those flowing curly locks. His hair looks like mine, only way nicer, and way more conditioned.) taking a picture of guy dressed like a gorilla:


Anonymous said...

Umm, who's Jason, hmmmm????

eileen said...

My secret boyfriend. Don't tell his wife.


jay said...

yeah, don't tell my wife.. shhhh

Kim said...

Anonymous--Eileen is pulling your leg. Clearly from the picture you can see they are brother and sister!