Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday Fun

What's your state Easter egg? I like the Massachusetts one, but I can't figure out if it's all painted on the front, or if it's hollowed out and painted on the inside, like a diorama. Get out your shoeboxes and Saran wrap, it's diorama time! (link via Freakgirl)

Songs for your enjoyment:

Whole Wide World, by Wreckless Eric.

I had never heard this song until I watched Stranger Than Fiction (time to revoke my hipster music fan card, right?), and now I can't get it out of my head.

Can't Stand Me Now, by The Libertines.

Pete Doherty may be a big, drunken, drugged out douchebag face, but when it comes to music, he is absolutely brilliant. I think he is the UK's answer to Shane MacGowan. Unfortunately, I also think the chance of him releasing a great new album is on par with the likelihood of him dying of an overdose. But who knows, maybe he will live a long, fruitful life and fifty years from now, he'll be making jokes about snorting his father's ashes. Have you guys been following the Keith Richards gossip? Here's a synopsis: Keith says that he cut cocaine with his father's ashes and snorted it up. Press goes hog wild. Keith's PR people claim he was only kidding. Disney craps itself, then announces that Keith will not do any promotional work for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie, because he no longer fits Disney's family friendly image. I laugh, a lot.

My opinion? He totally did it. And seriously, Disney, this is Keith "everyone is stunned the dude is still alive" Richards. If you wanted family friendly, you should have gone with Yanni.


Jinxy said...

That KR story is such bullshit. As soon as I heard it I thought, "That sounds awfully familiar."

Um, Denis Leary's "No Cure For Cancer" anyone?

"I was reading an interview with Keith Richards in a magazine and in the interview Keith Richards intimated that kids should not do drugs. Keith Richards! Says that kids should not do drugs! Keith, we can't do any more drugs because you already fucking did them all, alright! There's none left! We have to wait 'till you die and smoke your ashes! Jesus Christ! Talk about the pot and the fuckin' kettle."

- 1992

P.S. Disney being concerned about their "family friendly" image? Talk about pot and the fucking kettle.

eileen said...

Heh, Denis Leary is funy. I think you could get high from just standing next to Keith Richards, let alone snorting his remains.

Gay families are families, too, Jinxy.