Monday, April 02, 2007

Things I Love Right Now

1. Macaroons! I look forward to Passover every year for their light, coconut deliciousness.

2. Cooking Light magazine. My mom gave me a subscription for Christmas, and I love it. Most of the recipies are simple, fast, and most importantly, requiring ingredients that are available at my local supermarket. Tonight I made chicken baked in coconut curry sauce, and it was excellent. Although I added three times the amount of recommended curry, so it was excellent in the way that makes your face turn red and your eyes water.

3. The Internet, for instant answers to all sorts of questions. Earlier today, I was trying to come up with a retort for the inane statement "The United States isn't ready for a female President." and I found this site with data on female world leaders. Okay, so if you don't like Hilary Clinton, don't vote for her, but c'mon people, the United States can certainly handle having a female President. Are we really less "ready" than Finland, Chile, Nicaragua, Ireland, Liberia, or India? For heaven's sake, even Pakistan has had a female Prime Minister.

4. Swearing. I gave up swearing for lent, and although I've slipped up a few time, I've certainly cut back. Swearing is fun. And funny. I miss it.

Things I Don't Love Right Now:

1. Curt Shilling. Bring on Dice-K!

2. My frickin leg. I got hurt in my soccer game about 9 days ago, and now I'm concerned because the swelling hasn't subsided and the pain is getting worse. And one of my friends told me that someone she knew had similar symptoms and it was a bone chip in her leg, and now I'm getting paranoid. Basically, I collided with a guy running full speed and his kneecap hit the side of my calf, a few inches above my ankle. The impact was comprable to someone hitting you as hard as they could with a baseball bat. It hurt really bad at the time, but not so much that I couldn't walk or finish the game. Despite a nasty bruise, for a few days it felt okay so I went swimming and rode the bike at the gym (probably a bad idea). Since Friday, the swelling has gotten worse and it hurts A LOT. I guess I should probably go get it checked out.


bigglesworth said...

maybe the bruise on your leg is trying to tell you that you're pregnant. i saw this story on the national enquirer...erer that showed a baby being born out of a woman's calf. maybe just get a pregnancy test before you seein' some high falutin' doctor.

Beth said...

I was going to post something somewhat funny, but I don't think it could compare with the priceless comment before me!

eileen said...

I actually did give birth yesterday, to a calf. From my calf. Weird, huh?

In reality, the leg is doing a bit better. Saw a doctor- he said it's unlikely that I fractured it and it's probably just a bad bruise where the muscle attaches to the bone.