Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spanish Table

One of the fun things about being a scientist, especially in Boston, is that it's a very international discipline. Benefits include delicious ethnic food at the annual pot-luck, and for me, a chance to practice my Spanish a bit (although I don't take advantage of it nearly as much as I should). A couple of years ago, one of the American girls organized a little club of native and non-native Spanish speakers, which we named Spanish Table. We get together every couple of months, but in truth, the outings tend to center around food, libation, and departmental gossip rather than language practice. Last night, we went over Marly's apartment for tapas and wine. Mmmmm.


Neal said...

Let's play I-Spy. Reddi-whip and wine, and mozzarella? - that's a new combo.

eileen said...

Oh, I was teaching everyone how to do Whip-Its.

Just was for the flan!

Tom said...

You named it Spanish Table? A group for spanish speakers, right?

¿Porque no lo llama "Mesa"?


(is llamar the correct verb there?)

eileen said...

Hmm...Spanish Table seems a bit silly, although we do sometimes call it Mesa De Espanol...eeek, no tildes on this computer!

Yes, llamar is correct, but I believe it would be se llama.

Tina said...

As part of the original member of Spanish Table, I feel the need to explain the origin of its name. Our first meeting was at Flour's. We were attempting to converse in Spanish--we failed miserably. Someone broke down and called it Spanish Table and hence its name. Someone should really write a history book on it.

...or I could totally have made that up.

Tina said...

Ooops, please excuse my asian-ness. I have been yelled at mutliple times for incorrectly pluralizing/possessifying Flour.
Considering this my retraction.