Thursday, April 05, 2007

Best way to start the day: with bacon

I woke up early this morning and met Caro for breakfast at Mike's City Diner in the South End before work. Love that place, love starting the day off by doing something a little different, and love diners in general. Mike's is the perfect place: coffee, bacon, eggs, tables of cops and construction workers, and waitresses that call everyone "sweetie."


Kim said...

I am so jealous you went to Mike's for breakfast! I wish I was the type of person that had enough time in the morning to actually go out to breakfast on a work day. But alas, I am not, and had to settle for a bagel at the train station :(

eileen said...

Boooo...although, based upon the photo, the bacon went straight to my neck, so you're safe from that fate.

ern said...

wow, this rivals bacon-neck on the jumbotron at the gah-den.