Friday, April 13, 2007

Red Sox Friday

A few years ago, after spending an cold, rainy April night slightly miserable (the misery would have been rated higher than "slightly" were it not for the numbing effect of various beers) in the Fenway Park bleachers, I vowed never again to buy tickets to a Red Sox game at night in April. Weather here is just too dicey- you could end up with a beautiful spring night, or a frigid one that feels more like January. I will happily watch a Patriots game in arctic temperatures, but something about freezing my ass off while watching baseball just seems plain wrong.

Tonight, I will break that vow. Why? MONSTER SEATS, BABY! Okay, technically, they are standing room only, but whatever, I'll still be up there. I don't care how cold it gets.

In honor of tonight's game, here's

Dirty Water, by the Standells

Also, even though Dice-K lost in the home opener, I have high hopes, and I love the Nike commercial. It reminds me of this great ad from Lebron's rookie season, which I also loved.

Happy Friday, everyone!


big al said...

monster seats?, that sounds scary.

dan and i are headed to the redneck riveria, the florida panhandle, this weekend. also scary. but when in rome....

eileen said...

Monster seats as in "seats on top of the Green Monster, the left field wall at Fenway Park", not as in "seats populated by cyclops, ogres, and werewolves."

Have fun with the rednecks!