Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Busy, busy

Thought about writing a belated weekend report, but seems pointless now. So, here's a brief synopsis of what I've been up to of late:

lots of soccer- After playing 4 games in 5 days, I must confess that a tiny part of me was relieved when my team got knocked out of the playoffs. I'm getting too old to keep up a playing schedule like that.

haircut- Maria and I went to Shag, a punky, trendy salon in South Boston (no relation to the AWESOME movie), where all of the stylists are covered in tattoos and they serve wine while you get your hair done. Said wine likely contributed me to spending an extra $20 on hair product. Maria is a natural blonde; she always wears tinfoil is to block aliens from interfering with her brainwaves. I liked the atmosphere but wasn't crazy about my stylist, and the prices are a little high for a grad school budget. I did sorely need a haircut, though... the Frizz Poof has been tamed.
My sister Eri was in town for the weekend, so we had some family time as well as fun friend time. Lobster and dark and stormies were involved. We also spent several hours trying on bridesmaid dresses for a wedding that we're both in next summer, the highlight of which occurred when Eri had her measurements taken and we discovered that she has a disproportionately large booty. Lil sis got some junk in the trunk! The lowlight of which was the realization that the bride will be choosing a style that looks terrible on me: strapless. No matter how tall and slender (that's the nice way of saying "lanky") you are, when your armpit fat is more ample than your cleavage, it's not a flattering look. (She doesn't read this blog and I pretended to love it, so shhhhhhhh.)
I randomly went to Lucky's two nights in a row.
Also random- caught the last 30 minutes of a Beastie Boys concert (friends ended up with extra tickets but I didn't find out until the show had already started), and loved what I saw. I'll definitely have to catch a full show next time they come to Boston.
Yesterday, I was the guest speaker for a class my sister Kerry is teaching at Framingham State College. The topic? Interspecies friendships! Just kidding....Nicaragua and the Peace Corps.
Then, I started reading Harry Potter and haven't done anything at all since.


Anonymous said...

What about your guest lecture appearance today??? Let your fans know you have been up to something reputable!

eileen said...

omission corrected!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the dress I have to wear in September? You have nothing to complain about!- Kerry

carmen said...

always a nice surprise to see a picture of my sister!! i feel your pain on bridesmaids dresses. i have to wear one in three weeks with my extra layer of fat!!!!!!!!!!

Gillooly said...

That's it Eileen, you are out of the wedding.

eileen said...

real funny, fake gillooly!

i'm happier about the dress now because one of the other bridesmaids gave me her promotional code and i saved almost $50.


Mrs. V said...

It's always a delight to read your blog and catch up on what my daugher, Maria, is doing. Thanks for the photo, you look lovely, even in foil, Maria. So where are all the tattooed hairdressers, I'm trying to get ideas for my next tattoo.
just kidding, maybe.