Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend Report

Friday- Pinkles Party! My soccer team was assigned the very intimidating hue of bright pink for the season, so we had a pink theme for our end of season party. I made a pink punch, which turned out to be almost poisonously powerful. Somehow, we managed to go the whole night (and the entire season) without ever taking a team photo, but here are some shots from the night that give an idea of the level of pinkness. It was a great party, although I wasn't feeling quite so pink on Saturday morning.

Saturday- Spent the day at Rutland State Park with my sister Kerry, niece Nora, Aunt Chris, cousin Carolyn, and friend Carolina. We did some kayaking and a little bit of swimming, but my camera batteries died before I could snap any photos of us in the kayaks. I was exhausted when I got home, so spent the night on the couch watching The Color Purple. I read the Alice Walker novel several years ago and really liked it, but had never seen the movie, which came out in 1985. Steven Spielberg seems like an unusual director for a movie about black Americans in the rural south, but the movie stays true to the novel and features exceptional performances by an all-star cast, many of whom were relatively unknown at the time. The story follows the central character, Celie, for the first few decades of the 20th century. The young girl suffers a lifetime of tragedy, going from an incestuous father to an abusive husband. Her one comfort is her beloved sister Nettie, who is painfully separated from her, likely for good. Celie's situation begins to change when she forms a surprising friendship with her husband's lover, the beautiful and lively singer Shug Avery. I never thought much of Whoopi Goldberg as an actress, but she PERFECT in this role- subtle and 100% believable as the Celie Alice Walker envisioned in her novel. It was fun to see all of the other famous faces as well- Oprah as Celie's outspoken daughter-in-law, who goes through a tragedy of her own, Danny Glover as Celie's menacing husband, and a young and slim Laurence Fishburne, listed as "Larry" in the credits. Another big player in the entertainment industry, Quincy Jones, composed the music for the film, and some of the best scenes are ones in which Shug performs his original songs.
Sunday- Slept in, went running, and worked in the lab. Not much blogging material there.

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