Friday, August 24, 2007

Dublin City Ramblers

Last night, I was planning to spend a quiet, relaxing evening alone, until I received a phone call from my friend Justin, who just moved into my neighborhood with his sister. They were going to see a traditional Irish band play at a local bar, so I decided to join them. Turns out the band was The Dublin City Ramblers, who play traditional ballads, sort of like an Irish version of The Kingston Trio. Almost everyone in the crowd was from Ireland, including a table of adorable senior citizens, who were still going strong when I left around midnight.

Here are photos of the band, us, and Kristy and me with a jolly old man with a pig-tailed beard:

(Note to self: white tank top underneath thin black t-shirt does NOT photograph well. Second note to self: For heaven's sake, you're not 21 anymore. Shots? On a weeknight? Bad idea.)

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