Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend Report

Friday- Saw Superbad, and it was...wait for it...Superfunny. Plotwise, it's nothing more than another formulaic last-day-of-high-school-boys-want-to-get-laid teen comedy. However, I loved it for Michael Cera, who was perfectly hilarious and awkward as one of the protagonists, Evan. And yes, I might be harboring an inappropriate crush on George Michael Bluth, but he was comedy gold in this movie. My absolute favorite scene was his a capella performance of "These Eyes" by the Guess Who. Jonah Hill plays Evan's best friend Seth, a loudmouth, chubby, crude sidekick, who would have grated on me more if not for A. his spot-on chemistry with Cera and B. the dick drawings. I tend to find "mature" comedies like Knocked Up and The Break-Up to be more depressing than funny, so Superbad was a breath of fresh air. On Friday, I was in the mood to watch an uncomplicated, silly movie that would make me laugh out loud, and it was exactly what I was hoping for.

Saturday- Downtown Boston turned into a sweltering pool of heat and humidity, so three friends and I drove up to Singing Beach in Manchester-By-The-Sea. It was a perfect day, the kind of day Lou Reed was singing about in that song from the Trainspotting soundtrack. The sun was warm and pleasant, the breeze was blowing, and the ocean was finally warm enough to swim in without feeling like you were being stabbed by hundreds of tiny icicles. Aaaaahhh.
After the beach, I went out for a while to celebrate my friend Phil's birthday (happy birthday, Phil!).

Sunday- Slept in, cleaned the apartment, went shopping. I got a pair of bright red strappy heels wear to a wedding next weekend- they're very not me, but I love them. I'll post a photo at some point. I went to Filene's Basement with the intention of expanding my wardrobe with something other than jeans and t-shirts, yet I ended up purchasing two pairs of jeans. As soon as I got home, I dug out the Nerd Jeans from my dresser and threw them in the Goodwill pile. I own several pairs of jeans, but I only actually wear two or three of them. The others, categorized as Nerd Jeans, just don't fit right, or are old enough to be noticeably out of style, or maybe they are borderline too short. I have a complex about my pants being too short. If they are anything less than a 34" inseam, I'll spend the whole day thinking "are these pants too short?," even repeatedly asking people, and then not believing them when they tell me that they aren't. That's what happens when you spend your entire childhood dressed in your older sister's hand me downs that don't fit quite right. Until recently, I refused to wear three-quarter length sleeves, because when I was a kid, I had long, skinny arms that always poked out of my long-sleeved shirts, and my mom tried to reassure me by telling me that they were three-quarter sleeved and were supposed to look like that. I knew it wasn't true. Anyways, back to Nerd Jeans... I don't know why I keep them around...I tell myself that I can wear them when I'm doing nothing on the weekend, but even when I'm doing nothing, I still don't want to wear a pair of frumpy Nerd Jeans. So, now, they have been eliminated, and I feel good about that.


Mrs. V said...

Why don't you drop the pursuit of the PhD in science and go into Journalism or sports commentator???? You should do something with your writing skills, what do you think?
Mrs. V.

Anonymous said...

Do your nerd jeans look like this? If so, they are "mom jeans"!

eileen said...

Um, the jeans in the middle photo look exactly like my Nerd/Mom jeans. Ugh!

Mrs. V- at this rate, I'll have to add some fiction to my thesis if I ever want to finish! Just kidding :)

Anonymous said...

I think Mrs. V is on to something Eileen. You would be a great sports writer.

Beth said...

My mom STILL tries to tell me that long sleeves that are too short can pass for 3/4 length. Um, not so much. Ah, the plight of the long-limbed...