Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Trivial Victory

Last night, I went to trivia night at the Junction with Kevin, Maria, and Sue. Since the Red Sox were playing, we were inspired to name our team Oil Can Boyd. We did terribly during the first couple of rounds. For four fairly well-educated individuals, we sure don't know much about French impressionists ("not Monet" was my answer) or Charles Dickens novels.

Here's another one we got wrong:
1. What was the name of the character played by Charlotte Rae play on two different sit-coms?

We did much better in later rounds, mostly due to Kevin's extensive knowledge of unusual facts.

Here are some we got right:

2. What Academy Award winning director played Winthrop Paroo in the 1962 musical The Music Man?

3. What is the name of the guitarist born Saul Hudson on July 23, 1962?

4. George Washington Baines, former President of Baylor University from 1861-1863, was the maternal great-grandfather of what U.S. President?

We still lagged in the middle of the pack, but the DJ served up meatballs for the last two questions. The second to last one was on Nicaragua (What political party defeated the Somozas in 1979 and ruled for 11 years? He even played a song from this album as a hint.), so I hit that one out of the park. We were still twenty points behind for the bonus question, on which you can bet 2 to 20 points, but if you're wrong, you lose half of what you bet. The last question:

5. What country is the geographical center of the Americas? It also has the shortest Pacific coastline, of less than 100 miles.

We bet the maximum and got it right, surging to first place in a dramatic come-from-behind victory. We won a $50 gift certificate and a spot at Champions Night in October. Here we are with our prize:

Bonus question: Is it real, or is it photoshop?
Oh, go ahead and guess your answers (no cheating!) and I'll post the correct answers on Thursday afternoon.


Kevin said...

Oo oo, call on me, I know! I feel privileged to make an appearance on DCOE twice in one week. What a week! I'm bummed I can't make the finals in October. Go Oil Can, do us proud!

Tricia said...

1) Edna Garret
2) Ronnie Howard
I'd only be guessing (or internet researching) the last 3, so someone else gets a chance to guess.

Kim said...

I think not only is it Photoshop, it's bad photoshop.

Sue said...

Awesome job!!!
Where does it always snow, but it is never Christmas?! ha ha!
Great job, Oil Can Boyd!

eileen said...

Nice work, Tricia!

Yes, and as to where is snows, but is not Christmas...the answer is NOT Whosville.

Eri said...

Unless the last trivia winner lost their fingertips, I am calling shenanigans.

Beth said...

I like your hair, Maria!

eileen said...

Tricia got one and two right.
3. Slash
4.Lyndon Baines Johnson (seems pretty obvious now, doesn't it?)
5. Honduras

Bonus....yes, it's photoshop. I wished that we had been given a giant check instead of a puny gift certificate, and Maria made my wish come true :)

oh yeah, and the answer to Sue's question: Narnia

Mrs. V said...

I clicked on your site tonight to see what Maria was doing....ha...lo and behold, there she is, who is that blonde???