Monday, November 28, 2005

Back to the grind

I just got back from an indulgent holiday weekend in San Diego. Highlights included:

  • Pumpkin pie. Loads of it.
  • Pranksgiving day pranks at the airport.
  • A delicious Thanksgiving turkey cooked in a tabletop roaster.
  • Drinking margaritas at the beach.
  • Seeing a group of young European guys drinking white zinfandel at a beachside bar with zero comprehension of how ridiculous they looked.
  • Going to a cocktail lounge where the entertainment consists of a shady looking man playing the synthesizer.
  • Watching the entire BBC version of The Office, which is simultaneously cringe-inducing and hilarious.
  • A late-night, no hands, pie eating contest. I came in a close second.
  • Experiencing Man Diego (every bar in San Diego is a sausage fest)
  • Hiking at Torrey Pines
  • Driving along Highway 101. No wonder everyone wants to live in California.

Thanks to Eri and Ryan for hosting me. A fun time was had by all, although I definitely need to detox after four solid days of constant eating and boozing.


Kevin said...

Eileen, I didn't know you loved The Office so much. They are quali'y, innit? I've got them all on DVD if you want to borrow them to rewatch them.

eileen said...

Do your UK DVDs work over here? Sure, bring them next time you come back. The more I think about the show, the funnier it gets.

Anonymous said...

the male to female ratio in San diego (man diego) stands currently at 8 to 1 by most counts.