Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Concert Reviews

During these busy couple of days, between Halloween parties, depositions, and work, I managed to attend two concerts. On Sunday night, I saw Bruce Springsteen with my sister Kerry at the TD Banknorth Garden. On this tour, the Boss is playing solo and acoustic, featuring songs from his Devils & Dust album. He performed a couple of old favorites, but mostly stuck to the bluesy, folksy stuff from his solo career, and entertained the audience with anecdotes about his childhood and career as a rock musician. In this setting, it's easy to see why Bruce was once tagged "the new Bob Dylan". Even though he must be in his mid-fifties by now, the Boss still looks great, and can certainly captivate a whole arena, even without the E Street Band behind him.

And now for something completely different....

Last night, I went to the Dresden Dolls show at Avalon, and punk cabaret rules on Halloween. The crowd was freaky, and MJ and I blended in; she went as a wicked queen and I was a zombie flapper. Jon and Heather also went goth for the occasion. There were several acts throughout the evening, including three opening bands, a choreographed zombie dance routine, and some scary ballet dancers. One of the opening bands, Devotchka, were really good- they were dressed like a skeleton mariachi band and played fun, crazy music with a whole range of instruments, including a tuba. Unfortunately, I am suffering a nasty cold, and I only got to hear a few songs by the Dresden Dolls before I headed home to bed. For a full review, check out Jon's excellent write-up of the show.

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