Friday, November 04, 2005

List #12...Best Playground Games

Here's a happy list for this beautiful fall Friday. Best Playground Games:
  1. tag (especially freeze tag)
  2. kickball
  3. Red Rover
  4. four square
  5. butts up

I miss recess.


Anonymous said...

bus stop games...running bases

Adam said...

Maybe it's a guy thing, but I loved kill the man with the ball.

Kim said...

Is "kill the man with the ball" like butts up?

adam said...

I don't know butts up. The rules of Kill the Man were simple. We usually played with a football. Someone starts off with the ball and you kick the crap out of him. If he hits the ground, he has to give the ball up. Once someone else manages to grab the ball, the fun begins again.

eileen said...

Hmm... we never played Kill the Man with Ball. Maybe it is a guy thing. Butts Up is played as follows: a group of people stand in front of a brick wall and take turns throwing a ball (usually a tennis ball) against it. If you try to catch it off the wall and you drop it, you have to sprint forward and tag the wall. If someone picks up the ball and throws it against the wall before you get there, you have to stand against the wall with you hands up against it, and whoever got you out gets to drill you in the a$$ with the ball. Fun times. We even played it in high school before sports practice.