Monday, November 14, 2005

Second guessing

You know how I'm training for the Philadelphia marathon? Well, it is now less than a week away, and all of the sudden, I'm really nervous about it. Instead of anticipation and excitement, what I'm feeling right now is much more akin to dread. For the past few months, I've been thinking positively- "Hey, I did one before, and it wasn't that bad. I can do it again. No problem. The training's been fine so far. The 20 mile run wasn't that bad. I can do it!" Today, out of nowhere, the negative thoughts took over."26.2 miles, are you nuts, girl? Yeah, you did the 20 mile run, but that was a while ago, and you've been a slacker for the past couple of weeks. Don't think I didn't notice all that beer and that cigarette. And those training runs you skipped because you thought you were getting a cold. Slacker. Sure, you ran a marathon before, and remember how miserable those last six miles were? And you were younger and more sprightly back in 2003."
Eeeek! Panic time! I feel like I am about to soil myself. Figuratively, of course, not Uta Pippig style.
Oh, Carolina and I are trying to think of something good/funny/inspiring to put on our t-shirts. Any suggestions? Right now we're stuck on "Go Eileen!" for me and "Go Caro!" for her. If it were in NYC, I would be tempted to wear a Yankees Suck t-shirt. Hmmm...maybe something like "Will run for cheesesteak."

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