Thursday, November 10, 2005

Repectful one?

Check out this email I received today:

From: David Rusang & Elizabeth
Church Of God Mission,
Abidjan,Cote D'ivoire.

Dear respectful one ,
Because of the political problem in this country, I urgy your urgent
assistance. With due respect and humility I write you this letter which I believe you would be of great assistance to me and my sister. Let me take a brief time out to introduce myself to you, I am David Rusang the only son of late Chief and Mrs James Rusang, a black farmer based in Zimbabwe who was murdered in the land dispute in Zimbabwe. I decided to contact you through email, after searching for contacts through your country Embassy, as it is the only means I can contact anybody since I am cutting off ties with Zimbabwe for security and safety reasons. However, I apologize if this is not acceptable to you. The purpose of this letter is to seek your most needed assistance in a business venture. Due to the land and political problems in Zimbabwe, as a result of President Robert Mugabe's introduction of new Land Act Reform wholly affecting the rich white farmers and the few rich black farmers, and his desire to hold on to power for life, my father forsaw the danger that came in Zimbabwe. Before he was murdered, He told me everything concerning the deposit he made with a security company in Cote D'Ivoire. In brief, I have the sum of ($ 16.000.000m usd )sixteen million us dollars which I want to invest in your country, these money was deposited by my late father in a security company here in cote d'ivoire as family treasures; which I was made the beneficiary and next of kin as the only son of my parents. Because of the present situation in my country Zimbabwe, and when the danger became unbearable, and after I and my sister survived two murder attempts, my aged grand mother adviced me and my only sister to leave the country immediately for security reasons,and also to look for a trust worthy and a reliable person who can assist me to transfer the money out of cote d'ivoire.
Respectful one, I highly need your assistance in this areas,assist me claim
the money from the security company, assist me transferring the money to
your country and also investing it as I confide in you hoping that you will
never betray me at last . I and my sister has proposed (15%) percent of
the total sum of the money for you, so as for you to give us all necessary
assistance and protections we may need in your country. Please treat
highly confidential because our future depends on this money, all the vital
documents covering the deposit in the security company are with me here in
cote d'ivoire and will be faxed to you on demand. looking forward to hearing
from you.
Thanks and God bless you.
Yours sincerely.
David Rusang and sister.

Wow! Sounds like a great opportunity! Do you think I should pursue this? Ummm...just kidding.


ern said...

ha! i'm doing a paper right now on legal issues of land distribution in sub-saharan africa (ok, most of you have stopped reading by now but i'll keep going) and if a black farmer was ever able to amass $16 million, then there probably wouldn't be all this hoopla about needing to equalize the effects of historical subjugation of black farmers.

otherwise, sounds like a great investment, respectful one.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that Dave here can butcher his English throughout the letter, yet somehow manages to use correct comma usage.

Kevin said...

I hear that if you forward this email to Bill Gates 11 times then good things will happen to you. But if you only forward it to him 10 times, then you'll be forever damned! But maybe it's too late for that anyway. ;)

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