Friday, November 18, 2005

List #13..Things I'm looking forward to this weekend

I'm headed out to Philadelphia tonight and am looking forward to several things:
  1. Seeing Teri Noone (now TeriNoone Kessler)
  2. Running up the art museum steps a la Rocky
  3. Cheesesteak!
  4. Potential Allen Iverson sightings. If in some bizarre twist of fate, A.I. and I are united in holy matrimony, I would change my last name to Iverson, and you could all start calling me "E.I." or "The Explanation." Explanation of what, I don't know.
  5. Brotherly love.

List #14...Things I'm not looking forward to this weekend:

  1. Running 26.2 miles. Who's dumb idea was that again? Oh wait, mine.


tara d. said...

you are going to be great! much luck to you, rocky.

mj said...

Good luck this weekend! Send Teri my love.

eileen said...

thanks! i'll give the full report on monday.

brigita said...

Best of luck, woman!