Tuesday, January 24, 2006

81 points or not, I still don't like him

Kobe scored 81 points in a single game earlier this week, second only to Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points back in 1962 . No word on how close he is to Wilt's 20,000 (and I can't believe no one else has made that joke yet). How did this happen? He is talented and all, but seriously, couldn't the Raptors have guarded him better? If no one could handle him alone, double team him. If that doesn't work, triple team him. If that doesn't work, knee him in the nuts. Do something! Anything to prevent someone dropping 81 on you. I have never liked Kobe as a player or a person, even before the whole rape trial. He's a Laker and a ball hog. Here's hoping that my favorite player wins his fifth NBA scoring title this season, and not Kobe.


Adam said...

Kobe is a slimeball, but Iverson is a ball hog and a punk too. Why do you like him? Carmelo is my least favorite player though - being a "Stop Snitchin'" idiot and all.

My favorite - Tim Duncan, he's a class act.

eileen said...

A.I. is a punk, but he's so fun to watch. He shoots a lot, but he's been top 10 in assists and steals for the past couple of seasons, so he passes and plays D as well, unlike Kobe. The fact that he's barely six feet, 165lbs makes it even more impressive. I don't like Carmelo, either, and did you hear that he said what he meant by "stop snitchin'" was "stop the violence?" Nice try. My favorites are A.I., Duncan, KG, Nash (gotta love him for the hair alone), and LeBron. And of course Pierce, because he's a Celtic.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, I'm not a Kobe fan! I do enjoy A.I.! Chris Webber & Tim Duncan those are my boys! I can't wait for Marcus Banks to come BACK!