Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Years Recap

Happy 2006, everyone! I went up to Stowe, Vermont, where a bunch of friends and I had rented a house. Surprisingly, the house was bigger than we expected, which was a bonus, because we packed 20+ people into it. Stowe and the surrounding area were beautiful, just like a snow-covered New England countryside postcard. The weekend consisted of much drunken mayhem interspersed with eating, sightseeing, and lounging around. Highlights included a late-night hiking expedition through the woods, watching four of my friends sled down a hill on a hot tub lid, and an ugly sweater contest, complete with a Zoolander-inspired Walk Off. And of course, spending time with friends, many of whom I don't get to see very often. I think everyone had a lot of fun, and we are definitely still the funniest people we know. Yesterday, we left the house and I spent all day at my parents' annual Chilifest, the only bad part of which was watching the Irish lose to those stupid buckeyes. They played like crap, especially in the first half, and seriously, ABC way overdid the Brady Quinn's sister dates the Ohio State linebacker storyline. So annoying.
Today I am still in recovery mode, trying to do laundry and finish up some stuff at work before I leave for the cross-country road trip this Thursday. I will post a few photos and some more New Years tidbits once the fuzziness departs from my brain.


brigita said...

That had to have been one of the most painful ND-football watching experiences of all time and it had NOTHING to do with the fact that we lost (and rightfully so).

ABC's coverage was complete CRAP. The Mister made a good point that we alums are spoiled by the Irish-centric coverage over at the ND Broadcasting Channel, but the the nattering prattle masquerading as banter and commentary was beyond exhausting.

Although I didn't realize that last night marks EIGHT bowl losses in a row for us. That was a little startling.

eileen said...

Yeah, and I'm sure we'll be hearing all about the 8 consecutive bowl game losses until we win one.

brigita said...

The Mister was listening to sports radio (surprise) yesterday and they were asking which was greater: ND's scored points or the number of times they showed La Quinn. That's a tough one.

tara d. said...

you're a stupid buckeye!

take that!

take THAT!

no, truly - even being from c-bus, i felt torn thinking about you guys. no one won that day, especially not abc. barfola.