Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Photo

After a brief hiatus, the awkward years photos are back, and we're kicking off 2006 with a trip back to 1985, a time when mullets were everywhere, including on the head of a certain young lady who claims she never had one. The other two siblings don't look so bad, unless you look closely and notice just how high Lisa's shorts are pulled. Armpit level? She also appears to be wearing two socks on her right foot and three socks on her left. The littlest one is also rocking some mighty crooked bangs. I'll be joining these lovely ladies tonight in celebration of Little Miss High Shorts' birthday, and I really, really hope that they'll be wearing these exact same outfits. Happy birthday, Lis!

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LisaKate said...


Everyone should be embarrassed on their birthday. THANK YOU!

For the record, that's not a mullet I am sporting! I would always pull my hair back into 2 elastics - PERFECTLY parted in the middle. But Nancy's mullet is finally revealed! Meg's bangs look way better now. And I could argue doubling up on socks and pulling your pants up high is STILL in fashion...but I won't. Cuz it's not.

HOTT Maybe I should use this photo on

See you tonight!