Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Days 3,4,5,and 6

So....keeping up with the blog on a road trip is a bit more difficult than I had anticipated, so here's a summary of the last few days.

Day 3- more DC, more panda, and I somehow managed to completely forget that one of my best friends now lives in DC (sorry Big Al!). I did crash a dinner party at my friend Barbara's house and met up with some friends from my days in the Corps.

Day 4- a long drive to Nashville, then a lovely visit with two fellow scientists, Victor and Carmen, and A LOT of eating. Barbeque and famous pancakes.

Day 5- more driving, until we stopped for the night outside Oklahoma City due to an ice storm

Day 6- another long drive to the Southwest, where we made a detour to visit a town (if you can call two houses and a post office a town) named after Carolina and ended up in Albuquerque with two of my favorite things, Mary Laf and sopapillas.

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