Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lucky and unlucky

Last night, I went to the Celtics game and saw them lose in the last second to the Wizards. It's been depressing watching the Celtics these past couple of years. Some people may blame Doc Rivers for the team's failings, but in my eyes, there's only one culprit, GM Danny Ainge. Everything has gone downhill since he took over. Anyways, the lucky part of the game was the fact that I had SWEET seats, and for free, due to the fact that my friend Jason has a part-time gig as the assistant to Lucky, the Celtics Leprechaun, so his wife Sarah and I got to watch Jason do things like carry around the enormous neon green hands Lucky uses to pump up the crowd and load t-shirts into a t-shirt cannon. Good times. I was lucky again, as during the game, my friend Lisa called to see if I would like to join her for a Bruins game tonight, because she had won a luxury box in a charity raffle. To my dismay, my luck then ran out, because you know how people have Bad Hair Days? Well, I'm having a bad science day. I know I'm breaking my personal policy of not talking about my exciting-to-me, boring-to-others job, but I've been collecting RNA for about a month and just received the analysis today and found out that it's all crap, and a negative control that isn't supposed to do anything is killing all of my bacteria. Blah.
You know who else is unlucky? The Kings, for trading Peja for Captain Crazy Ron Artest. Maybe he'll win them some games for a month, maybe two, but at some point in the future, he will self-destruct, just as he has with every other team he's ever played for. If Larry Bird couldn't knock any sense into Ron-Ron, no one can.

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