Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Add Jake Gyllenhaal to the list of celebrities I want to party with

Check out these photos of Jake partying it up the night before the Oscars. I love me some happy drunk goofiness. That, and I've always thought that J. Gyllenhaal looks like a bizzaro version of Eri's boyfriend, Ryan. You've never seen them in the same room, have you?

link courtesy of Freakgirl

P.S. If the fact that the title to this post ended in a dangling preposition bothered you, well, suck it. "With whom I would like to party" just sounded way too uptight.

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Eri said...

I was wondering why Ryan wasn't around on Saturday night?!!
Anyways, I also saw these pics on Trent's blogspot.com, a site Giovanna frequents for celebrity gossip, pretty funny.