Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend Report: A Couple of Hot Parade Firemen Crashed My Party, Bitches

Friday- The boss was away, so the mice went out for a long lunch, complete with a St. Patrick's day Guinness. Unfortunately, the mice had to return for a 4-5PM meeting. After work, I was supposed to meet up with a friend downtown but abandoned that plan when she called to report that all of the bars had enormous lines and were charging $20 cover. Keep in mind that it was really cold all weekend (low 30s), so I was in no mood to stand in line outside for an hour. I ended up having an impromptu gathering at my apartment, which was slightly embarrassing because I wasn't planning to have people over so hadn't done the usual hiding of dirty laundry and general straightening up. My friend Jossy flew in for the weekend, so once she got in, we hung around and drank for a while more, then all headed over to the bar across the street.

Saturday- Party prep day. Jossy and I went grocery shopping and were both feeling a little cloudy from the previous night's activities, evidenced by the fact that we both started putting groceries in someone else's cart. A lady came over and said "Um, that's my cart. You think the balloons would have helped you figure that out." because there were three helium balloons tied to it. Our cart had zero helium balloons. After the grocery shopping adventure, I played soccer, and after that, we spent the rest of the night cleaning, decorating, and cooking.

Sunday- PARTY! The St. Patrick's Day party was a success, once again. We had about 70 people come, plus a few firemen the girls pulled in from the parade and three teenage party crashers that Maria kicked out. I had a great time, but when it was all over, I felt like it had gone by so quickly and I didn't really get a chance to talk to the majority of people there. My stomach had been bothering me, so I didn't drink that much and therefore avoided the drunken hijinks of years past. It was an interesting change of perspective to be an observer of drunken mayhem rather than an active participant. The night ended with pizza, cranberry vodkas, and gossiping about the day's events with two friends, which was far more enjoyable than doing something productive like mopping the floors would have been.


brigita said...

I think you should change your post title to "A Couple of Hot Parade Firemen Crashed My Party, Bitches." If that had happened to me back in my party-throwing single days, I would have shared that with anyone who would listen. ;)

eileen said...

Suggestion noted :)
One of the hot fireman gave me a blinking pin, too. Sigh....

ern said...

thanks for hosting the ridiculousness! my bright green pants and i had a blast drinking lots and fake-irish-stepdancing all over southie. only 360-something days till next year!

p.s. thanks to the raddens et al for the firemen. yum.