Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Feel good story of the day

When autistic high school student Jason McElwain failed to make his high school basketball team, he became team manager. In the final game of his senior year, the coach let him dress for the game and put him in with 4 minutes left on the clock. Jason scored 20 points, the majority off of 3-pointers. I recommend that you watch the video, just hit Launch Motion Player and it should pop up. It's a few minutes long, but stick with it to see the footage from the game. It's awesome to see the entire gym go insane when Jason starts scoring. High schoolers can be mean and cruel, but they can also be very kind.


brigita said...

I had a tough time with the ESPN video, but I found it over at You Tube as well. Awesome story. The latest is that movie studios are all over it.

eileen said...

thanks for that link, brigita. the ESPN videos can be tricky if you haven't downloaded their player.

Maria's Mom said...

Oh, yeah, just make me cry, why don't you!! Funny how he thinks he's normal....that's how it is, though, I guess.