Friday, March 31, 2006

Trouble in Durham

Has anyone else been following this story about the Duke lacrosse team? During a house party predominately attended by lacrosse players, a stripper was allegedly attacked and raped by three men. The story has set off a shitstorm in Durham, both in terms of student-community relations and the racial elements of the incident. From the article:

In 911 tapes released Tuesday by the Durham Police Department, a female caller reported that as she walked past the house where the party occurred on the night of the alleged attack, a white man yelled racial slurs at her and a black friend from the front yard. The alleged rape victim identified her attackers as white men and also claims the athletes used racial slurs. Of the 47 members on the lacrosse team, 46 were forced to give DNA samples. The only black player on the team was exempted.


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Tricia said...

As a Duke grad, I'm disgusted, and very sadly, not surprised. I did a lot of campus sexual violence awareness work when I was there, and there are huge issues there, as well as the ones of race and priviledge. How ironic that this who thing is occuring during the sexual violence awareness week.